Application Modernization: 1-day assessment


How to move your custom legacy applications to Azure? Ordina would love to answer this question with you and help modernizing your applications in Azure.

Many companies encounter that legacy applications, that have become business critical over the years, are difficult to update, maintain and are expensive to scale. At the same time end users want to access the application at any time and from anywhere on multiple devices, expecting a great experience and innovative features. Modernizing your applications and combining it with the power of Azure, will result in a future-proof solution, improving scalability, reliability and security.

Each modernization is unique! That’s why Ordina suggests to start with an assessment of the current application. Our Cloud experts will investigate different aspects of your application like the architecture, infrastructure and the current DevOps/ALM approach.

Scope of the assessment is limited to 1 ASP.NET application.

Outcome of the assessment is a report containing:

  • Summary of what the possible drivers and blockers are for modernization
  • Overview of the different possible strategies with their pros, cons and possible risks
  • A high-level roadmap of your modernization journey

As a proven Microsoft Gold Partner in 13 competencies (including Application Development, Application Integration, Cloud Platform and DevOps) Ordina will be glad to help your company modernizing your applications.