Quickstart Service for Prisma Cloud CSPM: 6 Month Implementation

Palo Alto Networks, Inc.

Prisma Cloud delivers Visibility, Compliance, and Governance to establish guardrails with policies and scalable Threat Detection delivering user and entity behavior analytics on Microsoft Azure.

Palo Alto Networks integrates our products and services with Microsoft Azure to protect your apps and data in the public cloud and on-premises. Cloud security posture management (CSPM) automates the identification and remediation of cyberthreats. Vulnerability intelligence from more than 30 data sources provides immediate clarity on critical security issues while controls across the development pipeline prevent insecure configurations from ever reaching production.The combination of next-generation technologies from Palo Alto Networks and Microsoft Azure helps your organization respond faster to attacks and update protection policies across your evolving digital environment.

Our Quickstart Service for Prisma Cloud CSPM is a catered offering designed to help speed up your adoption and integration time with Prisma Cloud CSPM. This Service includes project management, planning, configuration, validation, documentation, and knowledge transfer.

Key Deliverables:

  • Planning: Review project requirements, discuss milestone timelines, identify the Customer’s project team members, and follow-up action items
  • Configuration: Activation of Prisma Cloud monitoring for several Cloud accounts or an Organization
  • Configuration of Prisma Cloud Alert/Compliance Reports
  • Creation of basic Custom Run Policies
  • Integration with a supported third-party tool, for example, Splunk, Cortex XSOAR, or Slack
  • SSO Configuration
  • Creation of custom alert rules
  • RBAC Configuration for Roles and User Accounts
  • Alert Burndown sessions to remove unnecessary Alerts
  • Validation: Review and validate the deployment of Prisma Cloud and review Prisma Cloud Event audits, Vulnerability Explorer, and Compliance Explorer
  • Knowledge Transfer: Provide knowledge transfer upon completion of all identified tasks identified in the associated service description