Azure DevOps Assessment: 1-week assessment

Petabytz Inc

Build a path towards achieving a team-driven DevOps mindset by conducting 1-week assessment with PetaBytz to discuss your DevOps needs & how they might be addressed with Azure-based DevOps solution.

Why should an organization adopt DevOps as a process? Based on our experience with complex projects, we find that using DevOps as a practice mitigates the risk of slow or ineffective reaction to market developments in an environment of uncertainty, complexity, and rapid change. With Azure DevOps, customers' business will be able to quickly use its technical capabilities to collaborate effectively, create and deploy higher-quality solutions, and respond appropriately to changing their clients' requirements.


As part of this assessment, PetaBytz DevOps experts will assess your environment basis on your DevOps requirements. The activities will include:

  1. Gather documentation including workflows, product profiles, branching process, deployment process and standards docs
  2. Audit entire tool suite spanning the SDLC & provide detailed view into day to day activities & process flows
  3. Review current release process in place that are both understood & enforced
  4. Review software delivery model & any automated framework for deployment & testing
  5. Work in conjunction with Operations to understand activities, responsibilities & expectations
  6. Identify current existing policies, procedures & Asses your organization’s maturity in DevOps
  7. Discussion of current customer products and roadmap, and associated interest in DevOps.
  8. Assessment of current CI, CD capabilities, if any
  9. Overview and education around common Azure DevOps services and best practices, including agile, continuous integration, tooling, current practices, continuous delivery, platforms, and use cases.
  10. Discussion related to next steps beyond assessment


  1. Strategic advice and guidance on recommended enablement of Azure DevOps.
  2. Reference architecture & documentation
  3. DevOps Vision Statement
  4. Current State Assessment Document
  5. High Level Gap Analysis & Recommendations for process improvements