Security 1 - Month Assessment


Protect your Azure investment: Identify and address your security vulnerabilities

We will help you perform a complete evaluation and gap analysis in terms of Azure security. Implementing modern security practices will help you reduce operational costs and standardize your resources. The focus of the assessment will be on specific identity and security features to help you protect your data assets and ensure secure collaboration inside the organization, and with its partners and customers. We offer an assessment of the IT infrastructure with focus on identity and security. both on-premises and in the cloud.


  • Security gap analysis of the production cloud environment
  • Summary of current security posture with recommendations and guidance for addressing identified risks and vulnerabilities
  • Advice on modern security practices, focusing on specific identity and security features
  • Areas within scope:

    • Assessment of the existing on-premises and/or Azure cloud directory services
    • Assessment of the current security and compliance posture
    • Planning and execution of an IAM and security adoption roadmap
    • Acting as an IAM and security subject matter expert on behalf of the organization
    • Consultancy and/or development support for IAM and security topics (separate project)
    • Deliverables: report with recommendations and proposed timeline for reaching the desired IAM and security state. Recommendations are aligned with the Microsoft current guidelines; finalized solution vision for sharing with all stakeholders; detailed solution architecture and other related documentation to create future project backlog; planning, staging, and implementation of tactical security, protection, and detection layers to help prevent a potential compromise, or to increase the likelihood of immediate detection should an attacker succeed in entering the environment (separate project).