PwC Data & Analytics: 4-Wk Implementation

PricewaterhouseCoopers UK

Helping organisations to drive value from data based decision making

We can support you to rapidly deploy Azure and develop products to demonstrate the value of data & analytics in the cloud.

  • Azure and Infrastructure
  • Data centre of excellence (CoE)
  • BI and analytics

Our five-step approach to piloting cloud technologies and creating value:

  1. Problem Framing - Identify a problem that is big enough to be important but small enough to be delivered at pace
  2. Rapid Infrastructure Deployment - Use ready made Azure blueprints and setup to create a working model that will act as a foundation
  3. Data Ingestion - Identify data to address your business problem and ingest it into the deployed Azure environment
  4. Analytics - Leverage pre-built analytics, data models and dashboards to quickly create data & analytics prototypes to address the identified business issue
  5. Business Rollout - Use proven methods to drive value through engagement and upskilling

Benefits of our prototyping approach:

  • Low upfront investment cost
  • Accelerated value generation through pre-built dashboards
  • Rapid delivery with 8 weeks to a minimum viable product
  • Low risk approach to exploring cloud technologies

Review our public case study:

Pricing and timeframe will be on custom terms