Fellowmind - Azure Platform: 4 wks design and implementation

Fellowmind Denmark A/S

Fellowmind Enterprise Scale enables deployment of the entire Azure platform through Infrastructure-as-Code – all configuration and deployment is automated.

The simple, secure, and fast track to Azure

Fellowmind Enterprise Scale enables deployment of the entire Azure platform through Infrastructure-as-Code – all configuration and deployment is automated. It is Tested, supported and maintained by Fellowmind - as an Enterprise ready alternative to open-source and DIY solutions

This provides you a number of advantages:

  • Fast time to market delivery, through speedy development and delivery based on agile principles.
  • Industry agnostic solution based on best practices from Microsoft and experience from Fellowmind.
  • Controlled and deployed through CI/CD pipelines or deployed manually.
  • Single pane of glass for governance, access control and compliance for all workloads in Azure.
  • 100% customer owned, easy maintained and operated by internal IT or managed by Fellowmind

Our solution can be tailored for specific scenarios through packages, such as innovation with cloud native workloads and workload migrations.

Key features

  • Enabling a recommended setup with compliance from a monitoring and security perspective.
  • Supports democratization of IT cloud services, with easy access to new services.
  • Based on Microsoft best practice, validated with customers.

Added value of Fellowmind Enterprise Scale

  • Implemented, maintained, and automated through Bicep based Infrastructure-as-Code - to enable ease-of-use, consistency, and quality.
  • Built from the ground up and running at multiple customers - robust, clever, and mature code.
  • No compiled code or custom integrations - making it easy to understand and change/expand.
  • A standardized platform which support Day-2 Operations, Managed Service and/or continued development.
  • It is backed by standardized design-, roll-out- and Training Programs and a web-based documentation.
  • Networking- and connectivity features is included - to provide a platform ready for migrations or new workloads/services.

The value from three perspectives

From a CEO or CIO perspective

  • A standardized delivery which is easy to understand, use and operate
  • Enables self-service to individuals, teams, or project managers
  • Fever P1 cases and shorter time to recovery
  • Re-use of skills/knowledge
  • Full control over budgets and easy access to cost allocation
  • Avoid the "snowflake effect" and dependency on key-employees

From an Operations perspective

  • Automation saves time and provides repeatable quality
  • Avoid Configuration Drift - or at least manage them
  • Version control / tracking / change management is built in
  • Less time spend on daunting repeatable tasks and problem solving
  • Scalability - easy to add resources in a standardized manner

From a Cloud Center of Excellence perspective

  • Democratization - everyone can easily deploy a set of services/servers
  • Better security (fewer human errors and governance/compliance guardrails)
  • Enables the transformation to services/cloud native
  • Unified processes enables the DevOps/Cloud/CCoE mindset/way of working