Free Azure Cost Optimization: 1-day Assessment

ProArch IT Solutions Pvt Ltd

Requirements gathering and assessment of your existing workload by experts for Azure Cost Optimization

Our 1-day assessment will analyze all the workloads you are currently using and provide you with a recommendation report on how you can reduce your cloud cost by up to 30%-60% or even more by moving to Azure cloud. ** No upfront fees


During discovery, we analyze the existing environment, workloads, understand various aspects of the business and come up with a detailed report with recommended workloads along with configuration, region and net cost savings. Our assessment covers on-prem, hybrid or customers already on Azure cloud. Our final report will give total cost savings by making recommended changes in the Azure cloud.

  • Existing Architecture
  • Business vision (to plan for scalability)
  • Business criticality (to plan for BCP and DR)
  • Business domain ( for security and data compliance)
  • Virtual Machine analysis
  • Azure App service analysis
  • Database Analysis
  • Traffic, CDN, Application, and services


  • Detailed report with current workloads vs recommended workloads and cost savings
  • Additional recommendations on Security, BCP, and DR based on the business objective
  • Migration road map
  • Timelines and cost to migrate and implement the recommended changes