App Migration to Azure with Atroposs: 3-Day Assessment


3-day application migration assessment package for migrating legacy on-premises applications to Azure. Provide the information you require to make a management decision on the project.

There are many reasons to move apps to the cloud and even more ways to get there. But where do I start? How much will it cost? Which of my applications benefit the most? Which managed Azure services can I use to simplify and optimize my application landscape? This offering will provide you with the expert knowledge to guide you through all your questions and develop a tailormade roadmap to move your app to the Azure Cloud.

Atroposs is an open-source tool developed by a group of Microsoft partners including PRODYNA that assists in estimating the work required to migrate on-premises applications, databases, and data to Azure. Atroposs is an application that runs purely inside a web browser to analyze on-premises database servers, and installed applications without uploading any data to any location outside of your organization. As such, Atroposs does not need to be installed anywhere on hardware within your organization, and there is no need for security concerns associated with data transfer, or data privacy. We will use the Atroposs app to assist us in the app migration assessment.


  • Day 1: Kickoff, business motivation and formalisation of major objectives
  • Day 2: Technical actions
  • Day 3: Migration plan and cost estimation creation

The goals of the assessment are:

  • To clarify the business priorities
  • Examine the legacy architecture & source code
  • Identify appropriate Azure IaaS and PaaS services for the app
  • Design a new target architecture
  • Create a migration plan with milestones and cost estimations.
  • Put you in a position to make a management decision

To make the best use of this offer, you will need:

  • Clear objectives for migrating to Azure
  • Availability and support of key stakeholders and your subject matter experts (e.g. IT management, infrastructure, dev, ops, security, etc.)

Following the assessment you are; aware of the feasibility and risks, have an estimation of the time needed and cost for the migration project, have an estimation of the operating costs / year of the app on the Azure platform, have a target cloud architecture, and have a migration plan. The goal is to give you everything you need to make a management decision on the project.