Data Integration: 3-Months Implementation


Break down your data silos with a centralized repository of data, using the power of Azure data lake, data warehouse or lakehouse.

Data Integration Fast-Track is a solution designed to help companies break down the data silos and take the next steps towards beign a data-driven company, using the benefits of Azure Analytics services.

Unlike traditional IT implementation services, our Fast-track solution introduce a centralized repository of consumer-ready data from the business areas, empowering the employees with indicators they need to make the right decisions. Breaking the silos of the business and reaching the entire perimeter through an integrated and democratized base of data. Creating an economic and robust repository of data with a modern data lake, data warehouse or lakehouse, using the full potential of Azure cloud and surprising the decision makers with the high availability, flexibility and efficiency of Azure data platform.

Here is our engagement model:

Agenda: Week 1: Business Understanding Week 2: Data Understanding Week 3: Integration Planning. Architecture design choosing a Data Lake, Data Warehouse or Lakehouse. Week 4 : Repository Provisioning Week 5 and 6: Data Preparation Week 7 and 8: Modeling Week 9 : Launch Week 10: Stabilization Week 11 and 12: Success and evolve