Azure Zero Trust Connectivity -1 Wk Implementation

Pyramid Consulting, Inc.

Design and configure zero trust optimized connectivity between the Azure Cloud NetFoundry Edge Router and any site, edge device, private/public clouds, and hybrid applications.

Accelerate your zero-trust Azure networking further, focused, faster.

Simplify your network and associated management with software-defined, zero trust connectivity. In this accelerator, Pyramid Consulting will design and configure your Netfoundry-based Network-as-a-Service solution to connect your IT estate to Azure.

Edge Routers are either NetFoundry hosted in the NetFoundry global fabric or Customer hosted. Edge Routers provide ingress/egress of network traffic between endpoints and the Azure cloud using pre-integrated Edge Routers with Azure. This allows for rapid deployment of zero trust, high performance programmable networking at scale.

NetFoundry eliminates the need for expensive private circuits, proprietary hardware, and traditional VPNs. Use NetFoundry’s open SDKs and APIs to embed programmable networking into any app, host, device, or virtual cloud network.


  • Interview stakeholders to determine Azure connectivity needs, current connectivity and zero-trust approach
  • Design and configure global, high performance, zero trust networks, with edge router integrations with Azure
  • You can take over from there, or rely on Pyramid's unique mix of Intentionally Inclusive™ diverse talent sourcing & transfer, or managed services, to progress your zero trust journey.

Business Outcomes:

  • Accelerate agile digital business processes with secure, flexible, dynamic networking that can deliver any app to any user anywhere
  • Simply and securely extend your network to Azure from anywhere with zero trust and SASE capabilities
  • Strengthen business continuity processes with a cloud orchestrated global Network-as-a Service platform that rapidly scales on-demand as business and user requirements change
  • Drive continuous cost optimization with exceptional quality of experience