Basic Cloud Cost Optimization: 1-Wk Implementation

Rare Crew

Optimize your Azure infrastructure costs with our solution

Spending too much on cloud costs? Reduce your Azure costs by up to 65%.

Our solution enables IT Ops, DevOps and infrastructure teams, to easily manage and optimize their spending on Microsoft Azure. After implementation, you will be able to automate cost savings by reducing resources and scheduling them to switch to the right service plan according to business consumption.

Non-production cloud resources, such as those needed for development, testing, staging and QA are typically needed during the workday. The rest of the week they are inactive, yet you are still paying for every second that they are running. By implementing our solution you will be able to schedule usage of the cloud to save money.

40% of cloud instances are oversized, meaning that they are provisioned at a larger capacity than required. This also means you are paying for capacity you are rarely using. A reduction of one tier can reduce costs by 50%, while downsizing two tiers saves 75%.


  • Save Money
  • Save Time
  • Enhanced Scalability
  • Unified Visibility


  1. After you click 'Contact', we will organize a meeting to identify your needs.
  2. We'll provide you with a short document, which outlines how to install our solution from Azure marketplace.
  3. We will then finalize the installation and activate the solution for you.

You can now benefit from a cost optimization implementation performed by а Microsoft Gold Partner, with proven competencies in cloud consulting and implementation.