SCC Cyber MDR for End-user


Protecting your end-users with Microsoft Sentinel & Defender 365

Detect and prevent advanced attacks with a unified technology suite to secure your users and devices regardless of their location.

Protecting your end-users across:

  • Endpoints;
  • Identities;
  • Email & Documents;
  • and Cloud Applications.
  • Our MDR for End-user service combines Microsoft Sentinel, Defender for Endpoint, and the Microsoft 365 Defender stack with our highly experienced security operations team to protect your hybrid workforce. Our team will work around-the-clock to identify, investigate, and rapidly contain threats to prevent and reduce the impact of successful breaches.

    We leverage the power of automation to isolate infected devices and suspend compromised accounts to contain even the most sophisticated attacks. Our service utilises industry leading intelligence with context driven indicators relevant to real adversaries and your industry.

    Key Features include:

  • 24/7/365 Security Operations Center
  • Cyber Services Manager support
  • Monthly reporting from our Cyber Services Manager
  • Threat Intelligence
  • Threat detection, automated response, and containment
  • Deployment and configuration of Microsoft Sentinel and Defender for Endpoint
  • Security Incident Management via ITSM system
  • Straightforward user-based pricing
  • SOAR capabilities
  • Why SCC Cyber?

    SCC Cyber are leading cyber security partners, trusted by our clients to provide end to end support and protection across their organisations.

    We tailor our innovative solutions to match the needs and maturity of each business. We steadfastly believe in working collaboratively with our clients to mitigate risk, educate team members and oversee lasting transformation. By forging these strong relationships, we are able to rapidly respond to market changes, seize opportunities and enable all round business success.

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