Kubernetes on Azure: 3-Day Assessment


Learn how to scale infrastructure to meet user demand, accelerate time to market, and avoid licensing costs by modernizing infrastructure with containers and Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS).

This Kubernetes on Azure Assessment is for growing software companies who need to scale infrastructure to meet user demand, accelerate time to market, and avoid expensive licensing costs.

Accelerate your Kubernetes journey with Shadow-Soft’s advisory and enablement services. Our team of certified and experienced Azure Kubernetes experts can help you assess, implement, and scale an enterprise-ready Kubernetes platform and enable your team to use and manage the platform with confidence.

What's Included:

  • Understand your needs and business goals
  • Gather relevant existing documentation
  • Review existing infrastructure
  • Review containerization strategy
  • Review network security configurations
  • Review existing solution architecture
  • Review existing deployment and release procedures
  • Review CI/CD pipeline
  • Review monitoring Solution
  • Review feasibility and opportunities to implement Hybrid Cloud/on-prem solution
  • Review disaster recovery plan
  • Analyze findings to identify opportunities for improvements
  • Assess skills of team and identify growth opportunities
  • Document findings, recommendations, and next steps