Azure Stack HCI 10-Week Implementation

SoftServe Inc.

Installing and configuring the Azure Stack HCI and deploying the client’s workload to a cluster.

About SoftServe

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About Azure Stack HCI

Azure Stack HCI is a hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) cluster solution that hosts virtualized Windows and Linux workloads and their storage in a hybrid infrastructure. At the end of the engagement, the customer can expect the following outcomes:

  • Understanding of HCI concept and use cases
  • Installing and configuring the Azure Stack HCI cluster
  • Workload deployment and validation on HCI cluster
  • Adopting workload delivery process
  • Reusable HIC deployment automation artifacts
  • Documentation and knowledge sharing


Week 1

  • Overviewing benefits, concepts, main features, and use cases of the Azure Stack HCI
  • Overviewing Azure cloud integration services
  • Reviewing the workload’s capability to be deployed to the HCI cluster
  • Assessing infrastructure readiness to install Azure Stack HCI
  • Configuring Azure Stack HCI hardware

Weeks 2-3

  • Installing & configuring dependencies and prerequisites
  • Installing Azure Stack HCI OS
  • Setting up Azure Stack HCI cluster

Week 4-5

  • Configuring Azure Stack HCI cluster & enabling main features
  • Preparing Azure cloud to integrate with the HCI cluster
  • Enabling Hybrid cloud features

Week 6-9

  • Creating & configuring computing, storage volumes, and networking
  • Adjusting the delivery process to deploy a workload to the HCI cluster
  • Deploying a workload to the HCI cluster
  • Validating a workload

Week 9-10

  • Preparing documentation & guidelines
  • Conducting knowledge-sharing sessions


  • Revealed HCI concepts, use cases, and features
  • Assistance with hardware installation
  • Configured Azure Stack HCI Cluster
  • Updated workload deployment process
  • Workload deployment and validation
  • Reusable deployment automations
  • Documentation and knowledge sharing

The price quoted is indicative and will vary depending upon the actual complexity and scope.