GitHub Governance: 4 Week Implementation

Solidify AB

The primary objective of this service is to help organizations efficiently handle GitHub and its repositories

The Approach:


In this phase, we will collaboratively analyze your requirements and translate those into GitHub capabilities, while considering Azure integration possibilities. The goal is to determine the most suitable strategy for managing GitHub and enforcing certain ways of working within the platform, with an eye toward Azure integration where applicable.


This phase focuses on training. We will conduct informative sessions that cover GitHub and how the suggested setup will work, highlighting the benefits of the process. These sessions will address various aspects of GitHub, including perspectives from administrators, developers, and security/risk professionals, with a nod to potential Azure integration points.

Best Practices Implementation:

In this phase, we will implement the chosen compliance model in GitHub, ensuring that it aligns seamlessly with Azure services where necessary.

This approach ensures a comprehensive understanding and effective implementation of compliance and governance in GitHub for your organization, with consideration for potential Azure integration points.

Intended Audience

Customers who have recently purchased GitHub ‐ Team Leads ‐ DevOps Teams ‐ Engineering Managers – Security specialists – GRC specialists. While not exclusive to Azure, our approach will take into account Azure integration opportunities where relevant.


Centralized Management

Based on your organization's security, permission requirements, and existing practices, we will recommend the optimal GitHub setup. This setup will simplify maintenance, enhance security, and remain user-friendly for developers. This approach simplifies managing tasks, documentation, and communication related to governance, security risk assessment, and compliance efforts. We'll also explore Azure integration where it enhances centralization.

Customizable Workflows

Our delivery will be customized to suit the distinct requirements of each organization. We can design individualized workflows, templates, and integrations that match the specific needs of various industries and projects. Utilizing the issue-ops method, we will guarantee that every repository is linked with the appropriate cost center, project, or other categorization necessities within your organization, including Azure-related categorizations where applicable.

Collaborative Workflow

Our solution will facilitate team collaboration through a ticketing system. We can propose and implement a solution that makes linking Jira Issues or Azure DevOps Work Items mandatory, ensuring traceability between requirements and implementation, especially when Azure plays a role in collaboration.

Application Security Risk Tracking and Mitigation Process:

Integrating with GitHub Advanced Security will enable teams to identify, assess, and manage security risks more effectively, with consideration for Azure application security. We will guide you in understanding the security capabilities of GitHub Advanced Security and recommend processes to comprehend application security risks at the organizational level, with Azure security in mind.


This project assists organizations in ensuring compliance with relevant processes, including Azure-related compliance requirements. It involves creating repositories with additional metadata and configuring them in specific ways. We can implement processes where specific roles are required to approve changes to repository security configuration, aligning with Azure compliance standards.

Logs and Metrics for compliance and billing:

We will assist you in reviewing available audit logs and tracking feature usage within GitHub to ensure transparency in operations. With this process in place, you can bill costs according to the relevant cost centers, including Azure-related costs.

Training and Support:

In addition to implementation, we will provide training sessions to help teams fully utilize GitHub’s capabilities, with an option to explore Azure integration aspects during the training.


After completing this fast-track, organization will be able to:

  • Roll out an efficient GitHub governance process.
  • Use GitHub effectively within the Enterprise.
  • Have access to additional metadata required and saved for all new Repositories.
  • Have relevant teams be trained and made aware of GitHub compliance features, with the potential for Azure integration


  • Sessions
  • Demos
  • Labs
  • Hands-on enablement

Time commitment options

Delivered over 1-2 months. This period may be extended based on the complexity and size of the organization, including any Azure integration complexity.


  • Project stakeholders identified.
  • Identification of a pilot team.
  • Sufficient permission for the team members to set up and implement governance processes in GitHub, with Azure integration in mind where applicable.