Mirth Connect on Azure: 5-Day Assessment (Remote)


SphereGen helps you get ready to migrate Mirth to Azure with a detailed analysis

Assessment Analysis Deliverables

A migration plan based on an analysis of the following points:

  1. Is the environment Azure ready for established endpoint connections?
  • Do proprietary data access endpoints exist?
  • Are proprietary components Azure ready?
  • Are there data compliance issues?
  1. Which MIRTH version will be required for the migration

  2. Analysis of existing channel configuration

  • Existing channel study
  • Channel source and destination analysis
  • Data type and dependencies analysis on the channel
  • Analysis of global script
  • Code template analysis
  • Connector type analysis
  1. MIRTH extensions and custom library analysis

  2. SSL certificate used

  3. Performance Analysis

Please note: For New York and Massachusetts we only provide On-Premise Assessments for the New York City & Boston Metro areas and our offsite team requires access to the appropriate environments in order to perform this analysis.

Migration services can/will be quoted separately based on the completed analysis.