1 Day - Azure Stack HCI Hardware Design Assesment


In this workshop our Azure Stack HCI experts will guide you on making the right choices when choosing hardware (vendor). Contact us for more information.

Choosing the right hardware (vendor) for Azure Stack HCI can be ambiguous, especially with HCI infrastructures. Although all hardware vendors provide guidelines and pre-designed setups we come across a lot of design mistakes that are expensive to change when the hardware is already ordered. In this workshop we will help you make decisions for your new Azure Stack HCI solution based on your input.

We will go through:

  1. The requirements set by your organization.
  2. Input on current environment and future sizing.
  3. Azure Stack HCI OS or Windows Server 2022.
  4. Hardware components - HDDs, SSDs, NVMes, NIC vendors, RDMA types, Storage switches, Bandwidth requirements etc.
  5. Create a hardware design document which you can hand-over to the vendor of choice.

Let the experts of Splitbrain help you with your new Azure Stack HCI solution and don't encounter surprises when installing it.

Reach out to us for more information.