Azure Infrastructure as a Service: 3-Day POC

SyCom Technologies

Allow SyCom to provide a POC for migration of infrastructure to Azure. This engagement will include a WB session, cost analysis with ROI information and a POC for up to 2 systems.

SyCom Technologies helps customers avoid the expense and complexity of buying and managing their own data center infrastructure by leveraging Microsoft Azure to provide Infrastructure as a Service. This computing infrastructure, provisioned and managed over the internet, allows customers to quickly scale resources as needed and only pay for what they use. Each resource is offered as a separate service component. Customers can rent a single resource for as long as they need it.  SyCom has been providing solutions leveraging Microsoft technology for over 20 years. With 20 Microsoft focused engineers, a Microsoft Adoption Specialist, a Business Analyst, and a 24x7x365 Managed Services Group, SyCom has the expertise to help your teams succeed in the modern workplace. FY21 Taxonomy: Azure Windows Server and SQL Server- Windows and SQL Server Migrations to Azure IaaS