Active Directory Health Check: 5-Day Assessment


We want to help you ensure that your AD environment is working correctly before and after an Active Directory upgrade, migration, merger or acquisition.

Active Directory health depends on technical, organizational, and process factors. While it is easy enough to analyze the configuration of Active Directory and conclude that it’s healthy, the lack of a consistent approach, like a change control process, can introduce randomness to an otherwise stable environment. Tallan will work with you and your team to make documented suggestions to improve administration, health, monitoring, auditing, alerting, backup, and replication of AD.


  • Active Directory Infrastructure and Configuration
  • Domain Controllers, Numbers, and Placement Locations
  • Sites and Services Infrastructure
  • Namespace and Name Resolution Services
  • Authentication and Authorization Strategy
  • Replication Health Review
  • Domain Controller Antivirus, Patching, and Backup/Recovery Practices
  • Group Policy and OU Structure Review (as part of the overall health of the domain controllers)
  • AD Delegation Activities (as applicable)
  • Remediation report