Application Modernization on Azure

Telstra Limited

Proof of value to modernize your application landscape and improve your business performance

Stuck with application landscape which served you well until now but need an upgrade and not sure what and how to modernize?

New business requirements, elevated customer expectation, better user experience expectation, need for expansion and faster go-to-market, requirement for better observability, reliability, and scalability, reasons could be many and varied.

Let us help you transform your applications, improve your business performance, and protect your investment with the use of latest technology and consultative solution approach.

Work with Telstra Application Modernization experts to experience various transformation scenarios for your application environment, through a proof of value exercise.

With the use of various Application Modernization Strategies, aligned to your environment and requirements, we can help you modernize your business and operational application landscape, with secure Microservices solution based on cloud-native architecture and Serverless & Event-driven implementation, following the DevOps and DevSecOps approach.

Lift & Shift

  • Migrate on-Premises hosted application to cloud “as-is”
  • Transform (Re-platform / Re-Architect) on Azure cloud as a next step - Containerization, PaaS - Cloud Native


  • Directly Re-platform using solutions like containerization, Platform-as-a-Service or using Azure Managed Cloud services
  • Innovate (Re-Architect) using Cloud Native services as a next step


  • Directly Re-Architect / Re-build, by taking full advantage of cloud-native solutions and features
  • Utilize Microservices Architecture to break-down and modernize complex monolithic application stack
  • Automate application functions using event-driven triggers and queue-based message management

Achieve the benefits of a well-defined and well-executed Application Transformation Strategy

  • Enhanced Security and Insights
  • Increased Productivity - Rapid Application Development & Deployment
  • Higher Performance, Reliability & Scalability
  • Modular application component enabling non-disruptive enhancement and easier management
  • Accelerates the release of new features
  • Utilize latest technology enablers and remain relevant

Leverage various Application Modernization Solutions to “help us help you”

  • Micro Services Architecture
  • Serverless and Event driven Implementation
  • Containerization of the applications
  • DevSecOps(CI/CD) and Agile Release Cycles
  • Cloud-Native Architecture
  • Infra-as-a-Code Automation

Choose from various “Funded, Proof of Value” options aligned to your unique business use case, and let us prove the benefits of Application Modernization to you

Option 1 – Transform, by Re-Platforming

  • Application transformation from on-prem to the Azure Cloud Platform
  • Prepare the manifest files
  • Set up the environment on Azure and deploy the application

Option 2 – Innovate, by Re-Architecting

  • POC of a simple application with microservices architecture
  • Setup CI/CD pipeline
  • Dashboard for Application monitoring (observability)