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Briefing session to connect with you and highlight IBM Consulting™ Offerings for Mainframe Application Modernization on Azure. Further discussions may follow.

IBM Consulting™ Offerings for Mainframe Application Modernization on Azure

Let us Co-execute your Mainframe Application Modernization journey

IBM Consulting™ provides a broad range of Mainframe Application Modernization services that span in-place modernization, hybrid cloud modernization, cloud-native and data services modernization supplemented by a broad range of post-modernization Application Management Services to manage and monitor the mainframe applications maximizing availability and minimizing cost and time to market.

With so many options available, it can be challenging to understand the art of the possible and know where and how to get started to meet your organization’s transformation goals:

  • Co-create and co-execute your mainframe application modernization strategy with IBM Garage™, the collaborative, hands-on approach at the heart of IBM Consulting™. It is the intersection of business strategy, design, technology, culture and innovation. Together we workshop the practices, develop the technologies and provide the expertise your business needs to help chart your transformation journey from ideation, to build, to scale.
  • Discovery & Assessment gives us the opportunity to take a deeper look at your applications and determine the optimal modernization pattern(s) and the “best-fit” deployment approach across IBM Z™ and Azure that meets your goals
  • We can transition you to modern, unified DevOps that provides a solid foundation for mainframe application modernization by integrating with automation playbooks, APIs, event streaming and data / information sharing running from Azure
  • Data is at the heart of your mainframe applications, we can optimize and unlock that data so you can access via Azure services
  • Our AI, ML, Gen AI and Automation services span mainframe and Azure and can help accelerate adoption as part of the transformation effort, reducing compliance and business risk

Accelerate mainframe application modernization with IBM Consulting™

In collaboration with Microsoft, IBM Consulting™ offer tailored expertise and technology to accelerate your modernization journey, centered around the following 4 key patterns:

  1. Azure DevOps for z/OS applications: increase speed and agility by using Azure DevOps for enterprise DevOps and reduce the talent gap by using common tools and operating models across platforms.
  2. Simplify access from Digital Channels: extend the z/OS reach to Azure by making z/OS business functions and data available with APIs for new use cases using Azure API Management. Including low code APIs for Microsoft Power Platform.
  3. Real-time sharing between z/OS applications and Azure: create a faster, efficient, and flexible way to share core business data and information in near real-time between mainframe and digital frontend applications running on Azure.
  4. IT Automation across IBM® Z and Azure: increase efficiency through the use of IT automation and management using the Red Hat® Ansible® Certified Content for IBM Z® mainframes running on Azure, which includes collections that accelerate automation of z/OS, z/OS middleware products and other IBM® Z resources