Accounting On-Prem to Azure: 1-Week Implementation

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Move your on-premise Accounting environment to the Azure Cloud in a week, and benefit from improved data security and 24/7 data availability.
**Moving your infrastructure demands to the cloud empowers your team to work effectively whenever they want, wherever they are, and reduces the load on your day-to-day infrastructure management so your people can focus on what matters – the success of your business.** By migrating your on-prem accounting software system to Azure, your growing business can be empowered with: * Access from anywhere * Improved data security * 99% uptime * Hassle-free disaster recovery * Faster upgrades & updates * Reduced strain on your internal IT resources * Unaffected performance as your system grows * Compliance to local & global data regulations.   *Our team is ready to empower you - wherever you are! Here's what we’ll do:* ## Step 1: Assess [1 day] * Identify business drivers and challenges of migration to Azure. * Gather requirements from all stakeholders. * Present you a migration plan & timeline. ## Step 2: Migrate [2-5 days] * Your on-prem environment is replicated in the cloud. * All data is migrated. * A process of testing and verification is conducted to ensure that all your data has been migrated to your satisfaction. ## Step 3: Optimise [1 day] * Optimise the performance of your cloud-based system (speed, latency, reliability). * Reduce the total cost of your Azure bill. As a growing business, we understand that every minute spent away from servicing your customers is an opportunity lost. **That’s why Geek Patrol’s services come with:** * Personalised Support, so you can reach out and connect directly with our human-focused team. * And a 24/7 helpdesk through our very own mobile App. # *Additional Services* Let us help manage the cloud-enabled accounting environment for your Small to Medium Business. * Monthly Management & Support, such as Data Security, Remote Daily VM Monitoring, Helpdesk Support and Backup & Data Recovery. * Follow-up Training * Backups & Data Recovery *Cost & time variability due to number of servers, complexity of systems etc.*