ThoughtStorm Patient Relationship Insights

ThoughtStorm Inc.

Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics enables the navigation of the patient treatment/drug trial population from diagnosis through treatment with real-time treatment insights, reduces time to treatment (T

CLINICAL OUTCOMES: Patients Relationship Insights is a secure and purpose-built solution on Microsoft Health Cloud. It Offers End-to-End Treatment Insights and patient journeys required for efficient care, and up to a 33% improvement in time to treatment (time from Enrollment to treatment initiation).

PATIENT EXPERIENCE: Patients Relationship Insights can connect to your existing ERP or EHR systems to analyze, process and deliver analytics on patient journey workflows:

  • 61% increase patient to navigator ratio through standardization of workflow
  • 26% reduction in patient leakage through engagement, education, and shared decision making

COMPLIANCE: An HL7, FHIR & CCR/CCD compliant for seamless transfer of clinical and administrative with secure and anonymized insights. It is HIPAA Compliant: data is stored in Microsoft Health Cloud backed by Azure with protected by advanced data security.