UST 8 Weeks Proof of Concept

UST Global is an AI/ML Application Lifecycle Management Platform with built-in MLOps capabilities. It facilitates development and deployment of AI/ML models by enterprise data science/analytics teams is an AI/ML Application Lifecycle Management Platform with built-in MLOps capabilities. enables complete lifecycle management of AI/ML solutions, addressing the AI transformation journey of enterprises on any cloud platform of choice. offers functionality essential for building AI/ML solutions – primarily enabling data scientists to rapidly build predictive and prescriptive models. The platform provides a user-friendly interface to develop, deploy, and manage AI/ML solutions at scale. In addition, supports the incorporation of these solutions into business processes, surrounding infrastructure, products, and applications.

Key value propositions of include:

• installable on on-prem & hybrid cloud with savings upto 1/10th the cost of others

• provides a central work location for teams where they can easily collaborate by sharing data/notebooks/code

• enables creation of reusable code modules with good software engineering practices and shareable across the team

• provides an extensible library of pre-built modules like connectors to Bloomberg, Macrobond, Salesforce, Slack, ServiceNow, Twilio, etc

• enables data scientists to go from jupyter notebook code to high-available production deployed containers instantly

• enables rapid UI based experimentation of ML models and easy one-click reproducibility, traceability and comparison

• supports both distributed and non-distributed ML workloads with online inferencing capabilities

• provides production model monitoring to guard against data & model drift and enables continuous training

• enables ML governance through model versioning, data versioning and promotion workflows from dev to qa to prod

• provides an enterprise ready and secure environment for complete lifecycle management of AI/ML applications

• enables at-scale deployment of enterprise AI/ML applications on-premises or on Cloud

• completely extensible architecture allows for easy user specific customizations on top of the platform

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