Azure Migration Workshop

Veracity Solutions Inc

The Veracity Solutions Cloud Assessment program helps your organization perform high-level introspection, assessment, analysis, and planning to create a detailed roadmap for digital transformation.

Our Azure Cloud consultant engages with clients to complete the following activities over a 1 – 2 week period:

Scope, business, and technical drivers for moving to the Azure Cloud are identified. This top-down evaluation assesses 30+ attributes such as performance, architecture, finances, risks, operations, security & compliance, and business criticality to understand the applications and workloads that can benefit the most from early migration to the Azure Cloud. Migration suitability analysis is conducted to determine the readiness and priority of each application for migration. Veracity consultants conduct a technical assessment, evaluating 20+ parameters such as server size, network, database, security, compliance, and VMs. A re-host compatibility evaluation is conducted using industry-known assessment and migration tools along with Veracity Solutions' proprietary frameworks. Once the application complexity and potential benefits for cloud migration are finalized, a cloud migration strategy focused on re-hosting, refactoring, or rebuilding is selected.