Data Science Data Hack : 2 Week Consulting POC


Data Science is rapidly transforming how businesses operate, creating new products and services, opening new markets and increasing profitability. Explore through action the value of data science
# How does the Data Science Data Hack work to achieve your business benefits? Through a consulting engagement we conduct a cross functional ideation workshop to identify Data Science opportunities, mapping size of opportunity, complexity and data availability. We discuss and agree the candidate data science opportunity. Over a subsequent eight day period we work with your team, providing them real-world experience, to build the data science opportunity into a working model. In parallel, working with your team, we shape the data science opportunity business case. We leverage the power of Azure Databricks to rapidly demonstrate capability, flexibility and scalability. ## Real Commercial Value * Prioritised by business value * Value calculated by hard benefit ROI & cashflow * Data Science capabilities increasing delivery velocity over time ## Scalable Investment * Incremental infrastructure investment which scales as needed * Leverage Azure components & services on demand * Fast ROI without significant upfront capital investment ## Tangible Benefits / Desired Outcomes * Detailed business case for Data Science with strong ROI * Investments aligned with business value * Leverage Azure services to minimise capital & accelerate delivery ## Our promise to you We will collaboratively identify data science opportunities with real value to improve your company’s performance ## An offer to get you started * Fixed price consulting service time-boxed to ten working days * Determine organisational readiness * Identify real opportunities **Get moving on Data Science without significant upfront investment** The price is an estimate based on travel, maturity of data estate, size of company and industry