Azure Enterprise Blockchain: 1-Day Workshop


Our free 1-day workshop provides a blueprint report that demonstrates how our innovative blockchain platform, built on Microsoft Azure, can enable cyber secure data sharing between organisations.

The SICCAR services team will provide a free 1-day workshop, giving you a bespoke blueprint that demonstrates how our innovative blockchain platform, built on Microsoft Azure, enables cyber secure data sharing between organisations. This workshop aims to demonstrate how the SICCAR platform can extend current Azure capabilities for your organisation by leveraging distributed ledger technology.

What is involved:

  • An initial no-obligation consultation with your team to understand the organisations and data sharing challenges involved.
  • An overview of distributed ledger technology, to build your knowledge of blockchain for secure data sharing.
  • SICCAR experts then commit to a workshop in which we'll define and model your blockchain use case.
  • We’ll also run a customised demo in our SICCAR sandbox environment, which gives your team remote access to our platform and tools, accelerating your evaluation of the SICCAR platform​.
  • Together in this workshop, we'll configure a functional prototype of your blockchain process to enable you to demo and refine your use case.
  • A blueprint report for your use case and proof-of-concept cost estimate document will be produced.
  • This workshop completes with a feedback session and summarised report of workshop outputs and next steps.

This is all free of charge and underlines our belief in the power and accessibility of our platform, running on Microsoft Azure. The SICCAR team will work with you throughout, and give you a remote platform demo customised to your scenario or industry.

The SICCAR platform is built on Microsoft Azure, leveraging key development services such as Azure Service Fabric and CosmosDB. SICCAR adopts a best-practice approach to blockchain/distributed ledger technology to enable innovative data sharing solutions.