Azure VMware Solution: 4-Week 3 Node Proof of Technology

World Wide Technology

WWT will deploy a three node AVS instance in your organization's Azure tenant

WWT will work with your organization to deploy a Azure VMware Solution private cloud instance within your organization's Azure tenant. This engagement includes a discovery of the existing Azure landing zone and, if applicable, a single VMware HCX instance with one service mesh to be used for a pilot migration of a single test machine. Alternatively, if AVS is going to be used as a disaster recovery model, WWT will substitute the deployment and configuration of HCX for VMware SRM and protect one test machine in lieu of a pilot HCX migration. This engagement will guide you on all requirements for connectivity (e.g., Express Route) as well as a final delivery document detailing a framework for adopting AVS for production or for BC/DR based on our discovery and time working within your environment.

The outline below details WWT's standard approach and deployment:

  1. Discovery and Assessment of Azure footprint (if applicable)
  2. Remediation efforts from the "Discovery and Assessment" portion (e.g., setup new Azure tenant, submit AVS node quotas to Microsoft, etc.)
  3. Workshops for obtaining requirements and decisions (e.g., which subscription, region, node size, Azure charges, etc.)
  4. Deploy AVS
  5. Deploy VMware HCX and configure a "service mesh"
  6. Migrate one test virtual machine
  7. Create the "Framework for Adopting AVS for Production or Disaster Recovery Workloads" delivery document

When this engagement has been completed, the AVS environment will remain active in your tenant (unless directed otherwise).