Agile Data Platform: 4-Week Implementation

Xpand IT

A set of specialized services focused on data processing tecnologies and on leveraging the capabilities of each technology/platform.

Focused on high-volume, low-latency data processing and storage platforms, the Agile Data Platform offering aligns development agility with specializing in a set of technologies (eg, Azure Data Services, Databricks, Kafka and others) to built a modern Data Ecosystem. For both cloud and on-prem scenarios, this offer represents a significant experience in the development, maintenance and optimization of analytical and operational solutions, batch and streaming, leveraging the technological capabilities of the target platforms, advising each customer from the beginning, according to the business case and needs.

This type of initiative can include different skills and implementation stages, from advising on the best choices, in terms of technologies and architecture, to the recommended features that guarantee not only the intended results but also aspects such as Governance, Security, Lineage and Data Quality, to the platform support and maintenance services. All these stages are accomplished with the use of products and services on Azure Platform, such as AKS, HDInsight, Databricks, Azure Synapse, Purview, Azure DevOps and others. All the agility is reflected not only in the implementation of the Data Platform but also in the work methodology, with a specialized, multidisciplinary and multi-technology team that supports all stages of the initiative.

Each initiative is estimated to be delivered in 4 weeks, but this period can be longer or shorter, depending on the scope and project's needs.

Key benefits & takeaways:

  • A recognized technical team that will be focused on understanding customer needs and how technology can meet them;
  • Agility in defining requirements and roadmap, aligned with customer's goals, working as a partnership with the customer;
  • Team responsible for developing, maintaining and optimizing the solutions, involving at all times the profiles that guarantee the execution of the initiative;