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Altia Toolkit

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Save time & money by automating the process of creating structuring data from bulk financial records

Altia's Investigation Toolkit

Why Toolkit?

Altia's Investigation Toolkit gives you the edge in financial investigations, creating accurate Excel-based records of account statements. Jobs that would otherwise take several days, weeks and even months of manual keying can be completed in a matter of hours.

Save Time. Save Resources.

Using state of the art Optical Character Recognition, Toolkit saves significant time and resources by automatically producing digital, meaningful data from paper based records. What would usually take months, takes moments using Toolkit.

Collaboration and Sharing

Embracing Microsoft Excel and Power BI based formats, Toolkit allows collaboration with investigative or intelligence teams. Using Toolkit with Toolbar allows organisations to quickly ingest, analyse, visualise and then rapidly act on usable information.

No More Human Error

Take the risk of human error out of forensically analysing financial and documentary evidence, by allowing Toolkit's powerful cognitive services to do the heavy lifting. Ensure consistency and thoroughness in every investigation or intelligence probe.

Time Means Money.

Allowing Toolkit to take care of the manual process of converting often huge volumes of paper based financial and documentary information not only saves time, but ensures your resources can be better aligned to critical tasks, reducing overtime and investigative overheads.