Webmin Server on Linux Stream 8 Minimal

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Webmin Server on Linux Stream 8 Minimal

Art Group

A handy system administration software

Webmin Server on Linux CentOS Stream 8 Minimal

What is Webmin Server for a common user? What do you get with this software? First of all, you get a great simplification of all the processes connected with system administration. You don’t need to learn many commands just to fulfill some simple actions. Webmin presents a visual interface, that lets you create a user account, install a package, or set up a web server.

If you are a newbie to the administration of Linux systems, the functionality of this instrument will be extremely helpful. In fact, you get the convenient control panel accessible through a web browser, and Webmin modules are an external interface to console utilities.

After installing Webmin, you’ll find it contains plenty of tools to help manage your data center Linux machines. Out of the box, you’ll find the ability to work with: backups, bootup and shutdown, passwords, filesystems, logs, updates, Apache, MySQL, and many other features.

Open for yourself simplicity of basic system administration with our Webmin Server on Linux CentOS Stream 8 Minimal

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