WAMP Windows Server 2016

Cloud Infrastructure Services

WAMP Windows Server 2016

Cloud Infrastructure Services

Deploy a WAMP Server on Windows 2016 with Apache, PHP, MySQL, MariaDB, phpMyadmin, Mysql Workbench

WAMP Server on Windows 2016

WampServer is a Windows web development platform for dynamic web applications using the Apache2 server, the PHP scripting language, MySQL database and also MariaDB. It also has PhpMyAdmin to more easily manage your databases and MySQL Workbench GUI to manage your Mysql and MariaDB server. Perfect solution for setting up a web server to host your websites.

WampServer also has a “TrayIcon” allowing you to manage and configure your servers simply, without touching the configuration files.

WAMP Server Features

  • Apache Webserver
  • MySQL DB Server
  • MariaDB Server
  • PHP Scriting language installed
  • MySQL Workbench GUI
  • WAMP Server Tools
  • PhpMyAdmin to manage DBs
  • Manage Apache and MySQL services
  • Switch to online / offline mode (accessible to all or limited to localhost)
  • Install and change version of Apache, MySQL and PHP
  • Manage the configuration parameters of your servers
  • Access your logs
  • Access configuration files
  • Create aliases.. and much more

  • WAMP Setup / Support

    Step by step guide can be found on our website - Setup WAMP Server in Azure

    Firewall Ports

    Web server Requires the following port to be open

    Incoming open ports:
  • TCP/80
  • TCP/443