Grafana with Ubuntu 20.04 LTS


Grafana with Ubuntu 20.04 LTS


Grafana 7.4.3 with Ubuntu Server 20.04 LTS

Grafana is a multi-platform open source analytics and interactive visualization web application. It provides charts, graphs, and alerts for the web when connected to supported data sources.Grafana allows you to query, visualize, alert on and understand your metrics no matter where they are stored.

This solution is for users to deploy pre-installed and pre-configured Grafana dashboards to pull data from the plugged-in data sources such as Graphite, Prometheus, Influx DB, ElasticSearch, MySQL, PostgreSQL etc. There are many such data sources which Grafana supports by default. With intuitive Dashboards easily query, visualize, set up alerts, understand the data with the help of metrics. From displaying graphs to heatmaps, histograms, Geo maps. This tool has a plethora of visualization options to understand data as per your business requirements.

Disclaimer: The respective trademarks mentioned in the offering are owned by the respective companies. We do not provide commercial license of any of these products. Many of the products have a, demo or Open Source license as applicable.

For Stack specific support : Contact Stack Developer Team(Since we do not own the IP for the stack,Stack developers should be contacted for any support)

For Image related support: Contact SecureAnyCLoud Team

The default HTTP port that Grafana listens to is 3000. You can check the service using systemctl status grafana-server.service

You can access the web interface at http://yourip:3000 Please restrict access to port 3000 on Cloud Firewall.
Please use default Username: admin Password: admin Please change the password after first login

For more information on the Cognosys Grafana with Ubuntu 20.04 LTS visit our website.

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