Which50 Customer Communication Platform

CustomerMinds Limited

Which50 Customer Communication Platform

CustomerMinds Limited

Customer Communication Platform - Email, SMS, QR Codes, Web Forms, Landing Pages, eDocs

Powerful Digital Transformation Platform Driving Enhanced Customer Engagement

Are you looking for an easy-to-use, cloud platform to manage all of your customer communications across multiple channels such as Email, eDocuments, SMS, QR Codes, Web Forms and Landing Pages?

Which50 by CustomerMinds is a No-Code Customer Communication platform that can simply plug-and-play with your existing business systems. The platform has been designed to meet the communication requirements of enterprise organizations in regulated sectors such as banking, telco, utility and government sectors. No technical expertise is required to deliver personalized customer experiences across marketing, operational and customer service communications. Key features

Key features

  • Communications methods : Email, SMS, eDocuments, Print (including QR Codes), Web Forms, Landing Pages,
  • No-code content and data management
  • Self-service design and delivery of optimized digital customer journeys
  • Plug-and-play integration with core systems - from real-time API to batch file transfer

Key benefits

Communicate and connect at scale

Which50 has been designed to meet the communication requirements of large enterprise clients and can handle high volume communications to millions of customers on a daily basis.

Create complete customer journeys across digital and print

Which50 allows teams across your organization to quickly and easily design and deliver complete digital customer experiences across multiple channels.

Make campaigns in minutes

Which50 really is agile, quick and easy to use. Our No-Code platform brings Content Management, Automation and Data Management together in one place enabling non-technical users to create and send campaigns in minutes.

Protect your customers with enterprise grade security features

Which50 has built-in features to address the ever-changing security environment for data privacy and security and is accredited to global security standards including ISO 27001, GDPR and FSQS.

Measure the success and impact of campaigns 

ROI is a key metric in assessing the success of your customer communications campaigns. Which50 can you give you visibility of all communication and engagement in one view, across different channels and systems.

The challenge for Life CU was to deliver an engaging and informative series of welcome emails immediately after a member signs up. There is so much that Life CU offers and we wanted a way to let new members know about all of the key services and products, and to be able to quickly sign up or find out information about them e.g. Current Account, Online Banking & App, Nominations etc.​-Julie Thornton, Head of Marketing at Life Credit Union

About CustomerMinds Ltd

At CustomerMinds our mission is simple – we want to help companies in the financial, telecoms, and utilities sectors to successfully connect and engage with their customers through digital means. For many years, we have worked with a range of blue-chip, international brands in key industries, delivering advice and expertise on digital transformation strategies. The insight we have gained into customer interactions has allowed us to develop Which50 for companies in highly-regulated sectors with large volume & scale communication requirements.

Fill the gaps in your digital transformation journey today!

Suppose you have not already started or are about to start your digital transformation process, Which50 could be the missing piece of the puzzle. To start & continue follow these steps:

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