Commodity Trade & Risk Management by DycoTrade


Commodity Trade & Risk Management by DycoTrade


International trading companies hedging between physical, terminal and currency markets

DycoTrade offers a solid base of CTRM solutions to keep control in trade, optimize logistics and mitigate risks, all fully integrated to accounting. DycoTrade supports your requirements with an out-of-the-box Application, Quick Start Report set and Tools to investigate and analyze operations and risks based on your current positions.

Key points per module of the fully integrated DycoTrade CTRM solution


Manage all your trading activities, from items and delivery to prices and cash flow. All trades generated by DycoTrade are attuned to the actual market and market-to-market prices, allowing more precise pre-calculations, cost estimates and margins, which you can optimize at any time.

  • Physical Contract Management
  • Matching and hedging of physical and future/option trade agreements
  • Real-time market prices
  • Revaluation (based on quotation periods)
  • Position analysis
  • Currency management, Cash flow management
  • Future and Forex Contract Management
  • Calculation management
  • Pre-Payment and Provisional invoicing


All your logistical processes are tackled and handled efficiently, providing extended and rich functionality for shipping, invoicing, sales and contracts.

  • Full support of all logistic processes
  • Sales- and Purchase contract management
  • Shipping logistics
  • Smart invoicing
  • Document handling and management, shipping instructions
  • Warehouse management
  • Blending

Risk management

Evaluate your trade risks to a significant extent. Access a real-time overview of your commodity- and currency position. Foreign currency trades can be converted to your company currency for an individual trade or for multiple orders simultaneously.

  • Mark to Market
  • Real-time position overview
  • Clear information about actual cost
  • Unpriced contracts > Pricing based on exchange prices
  • Revaluation of orders and inventory against current market prices
  • Standard reports


Extended functionality of the Accounting module will allow you to efficiently manage all of your financial processes enabling you to make crucial business decisions based on accurate and real-time information.

  • Compliance with Sarbanes Oxley, GAAP
  • Multi company, multi-currency, multi country, multi-site
  • Optimized cashflow management
  • Legal conformity
  • Allocation of foreign currency contracts to physical orders
  • Workflow management e.g. purchase invoice handling

DycoTrade: The best solution for CTRM, fully based on - and integrated with - Dynamics AX2012 or Dynamics 365 F&O.