Fusion KTP


Fusion KTP


Integrated global treasury management

Unify treasury operations to optimize cashflow

Corporate treasurers need robust financial systems and processes to support growth and communication across the organization. The challenge is how to empower subsidiaries, while still ensuring transparency and control.

Collaborative treasury

Fusion KTP provides the integrated, modular platform needed to manage evolving cash management, risk, reporting, compliance and accounting requirements and adapt to constant change in global markets. With a platform for subsidiary collaboration you can centralize treasury management across the international business.

Multi-asset and multi-entity

The multi-entity treasury management system supports all asset classes, from deal capture through to accounting and is used by more than 200 organizations to manage their global treasury operations.

Reduce total cost of ownership

Managing treasury activity centrally allows cashflows and risks to be managed from a global perspective, reducing the total cost of IT. With better subsidiary collaboration and automation administration is reduced, driving down transaction costs and minimizing the need for manual intervention.

Next generation user experience

Leveraging, Fusion KTP delivers the next generation user experience for corporate and bank treasurers and a flexible platform to create tailored user experiences using the latest technology.