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NetZero, bring sustainability reporting and transparency into your supply chains

NetZero by FourPro Solutions is a sustainability software that is made for data collection across your entire supply chain for carbon footprint, noise, fuel-, electricity- and water consumption. Take a leap by automating your sustainability reporting – so you can take the right actions toward becoming carbon neutral.

FourPro Solutions is a SaaS company that was established with a clear vision: to develop a global leading solution that transforms logistics and supply chains through connectivity. Providing our customers with modular tools so the industry can change the way they work, optimize and reduce emissions.

Climate-focused regulations impacting your business

Today's industries are facing a challenging future, where society and authorities impose pressure and strict regulations on organizations for sustainable ways of operating. Organizations that do not comply are severely punished in form of environmental taxes and loss of reputation - which may result in losing customers. Unfortunately, a green future for many organizations is theoretically fostered on an illusion that they appear to be sustainable while compensating for their responsibility by buying "green certificates" - rather than reducing their own environmental footprint.

Transition to carbon neutral

Move from green-washing to carbon-neutral and take advantage of turn-key solutions to help your organization comply with regulations and reporting. Powered by NetZero, your organization can effectively reduce carbon emissions and boost your sustainable performance across your entire supply chain. Collect, track, analyze and report sustainability data through automation and AI - to proactively identify opportunities and promote transparency in your operations.

Automated sustainability reporting

NetZero is designed to gather data from multiple sources such as logistic data, GPS, and IoT sensors. We use technologies like AI, big data, and machine learning to fully automate your sustainability calculation for operations across your entire supply chain. Emissions from all modes are calculated in real-time, and our software offers exhaustive analytics with aggregated views of your consumptions.

NetZero benefits:

  • Capture emissions from your data. NetZero enables you to systematically and simply capture information, data, and documentation about your footprint - Let your data work for you.
  • Leave spreadsheets in the past. Our software helps your team to optimize the execution of your reporting without countless hours of importing and calculating data into excel sheets from multiple sources.
  • Automate calculations. Compute large datasets with Azure Cognitive Services and AI. Our software calculates performance and helps your organization stay compliant, and well-equipped to reach net zero emissions.
  • Create visual reports and share. Easily create reports and analyze the data to get the full picture of your environmental footprint - down to each resource with a timeline approach. Add filters and drill down into processes-steps, customers, hours spent, and time frame of your choice.
  • Execute measures to reduce emissions. Engage in practices that will enable your organization to meet your business requirements on Environment, Social & Corporate Governance (ESG), and much more. NetZero gives your organization useful and measurable results to present and/or act on.

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