Hanu Insight


Hanu Insight


Track, Optimize, Budget, Chargeback & Invoice your Microsoft Azure Spend

End-to-end visibility and continuous financial governance of your Azure environment. Optimize your consumption and maximize your Azure ROI, guaranteed to enable 20% cost savings right away!


  • Track & Control spend using PowerBI based dashboards
    • Understand which resource costing me the most money
    • Identify what is it? Is it a Virtual Machine, Or is it a Visual Studio subscription?
    • See where is it running. Who owns the Resource Group?
    • Learn how long has it been costing me? That POC was completed 6 months ago!
    • Decide whether I need it running over the weekends?
    • I didn't know Marketplace costs are NOT part of my Azure Commit!
    • How much are resources costing me that have a particular tag(s)?
  • Correlate Projects, Customers, Apps, Environments, or Individuals
    • How much is a project costing me? Or a team? Or a customer or an individual?
  • Full Active Directory integration: Users access only their azure resources, by default
  • Optimize spend on my environment
    • Right size, Stop/Start VMs & other compute instances on a schedule
  • Policy Enforcement
    • Cannot have public folders in Azure Storage
    • Developers cannot use more than 2 cores
    • Must use SQL Developer edition
  • Support for GovCloud


  • Standard: 1%* of consumption billed yearly **
    • Cost Management & Optimization
  • Enterprise: $25K USD/year **
    • Cost management & Optimization
    • Governance & Compliance through Policy Enforcement

Please note that the price presented while choosing the VM size includes the cost of Hanu Insight for the Enterprise SKU.

* Minimum of $500 USD/year, maximum of $25K USD/year
** Both offer a month of free trial

Billing Model

  • Bring Your Own License
    • You have an existing agreement or contract with Hanu or a reseller. Hanu or the reseller bills / billed you
    • Standard is only available as BYOL
    • A license file provided by Hanu is needed to activate your new purchase
      • If you're a new customer, a license for the trial will be mailed to you at the registered email
  • Pay-as-you-go
    • Azure Marketplace charges by the hour. You will be billed directly by Microsoft.
    • Only Enterprise is available as both BYOL & PAYG