effie> vision

IPLAND LLC (global)

effie> vision

IPLAND LLC (global)

The effie> service is a solution for brand and sales management on store shelves

The effie> service helps to increase the efficiency of the supply chain from manufacturers and distributors up to the stores’ shelves in FMCG and pharmaceutical industries.

The comprehensive IT service effie> makes it possible to organize a full cycle process from creating marketing and sales strategies prior to implementing this strategy in stores and retail chains.

The service functionality allows CPG companies to plan and execute trade marketing and sales strategies in modern and traditional retail. It is also a service for Pharma companies, distributors, and retailers.

Working with multi-level analytics based on real data collected at the point of sale, suppliers can monitor performance and timely adjust strategies and follow-up actions to increase sales. The analytics can be formed as well as based on image recognition by artificial intelligence (optional).

The service is based on PDCA methodology. It means that you can constantly improve brand and sales management for strategy implementation.

IT service effie> includes, but is not limited to, the following solutions:

  • effie> Modern Trade​ – FMCG sales management in modern retail
  • effie> Traditional Trade – FMCG sales management in traditional retail
  • effie> Retail – control of operational standards for retail and gas stations

  • effie> Pharm​ – management of pharmacies standards and agreements with pharmaceutical manufacturers

  • effie> Image Recognition​ (IR) – AI photo recognition module

effie> Image Recognition is one of the major functionalities. The trained neural network can recognize products (SKU) and prices both in offline and online mode. IR allows to control of various indicators that are crucial for sales management at points of sales:

  • Share-of-Shelf (SoS)
  • Facing
  • Products availability (OSA, OOS, TOP SKU)
  • Planogram compliance
  • Competitors’ and own price control
  • POSM availability