JioThings Intelligent Lighting Solution

Jio Platforms Limited

JioThings Intelligent Lighting Solution

Jio Platforms Limited

Ensures optimum lighting where and when needed, encouraging better resources management at low cost.

JioThings Intelligent Lighting solution is an all-inclusive lighting management platform integrated with leading luminaire suppliers. Intelligent Lighting solution is a cost-effective solution that facilitates energy savings, reduces carbon footprint and enhances safety thereby increasing convince to facility managers/ city administrators.

You can choose one of the options to make lighting smart for offices, apartment complexes, townships or even cities:

  1. Individual lighting control

  2. Group lighting control

With a variety of technology options like Wi-Fi, NB-IoT and 4G available one can select the right technology to fit the application! A simple and intuitive user experience makes JioThings Lighting Solution a duck soup! What you get is:

  1. Instant/ hassle free onboarding experience by connecting your lights to phone in 2 minutes.

  2. A mobile app for on-the-go connectivity and easy operations

  3. Advanced and insightful dashboards to monitor and manage all connected lights for a

    summarized status, map-views and analysis using cloud infrastructure.

  4. With pan-India network connectivity the solution works seamlessly everywhere!

JioThings Intelligent Lighting solution helps businesses in the following ways:

  1. Reduced energy bills and carbon footprint and energy savings of up to 25% with

    intelligent ON/ OFF, targeted progressive dimming and efficient management

  2. Real-time notifications for any malfunction with possible defect analysis – ensuring

    accurate identification of fault location, reducing performance penalties and travel


  3. Increased lamp life by optimizing the lamp operation hours

  4. Enhanced pedestrian and vehicular safety due to proper illumination and elimination

    of dark spots.

  5. Efficient workflow management with map-views for quick and easy resolutions along

    with accurate data and intuitive user interface.

  6. Event based lighting and advanced schedules, variable night illumination (dimming),

    allowing the light intensity modulation according to the location, time and


  7. Independent group control helps manage electric cabinet i.e feeder panel by providing

    features such as lamp switching based on in-built astronomical-clock, energy

    metering and notifications

  8. Track lighting performance, status, energy consumption trends and savings

JioThings Intelligent Lighting Solution ensures optimum lighting where and when needed,

encouraging better resources management and sustainability at an affordable cost.

Why JioThings?

  1. Integrated with leading luminaire manufacturers helping to choose the right

    kind of light at right cost from preferred brand!

  2. Nationwide presence

    1. Jio’s cellular network is available Pan India

    2. Service and support: Installation and after sales support with 1,400

      Jio Centres, 1,000 Jio Points and 10,000+ installation team

  3. One-Stop Solution- Get everything from hardware, connectivity, IoT cloud

    platform to installation and after sales services – thereby reducing reducing cost

    and making solution economical

  4. Remote Support and diagnostics- Supports over-the-air software and

    configuration updates for the device – thereby reducing field visit costs. Manage SIM card in real time, API for enterprise and NMS integration