Jitsi - secured and supported by Hossted


Jitsi - secured and supported by Hossted


Simple, Secure and Supported deployment with the Hossted CLI, for easy self-maintenance.

This is a repackaged open source software product wherein additional charges apply for supplementary services.

Are you an IT manager looking for a simple, secure, self-maintainable and supported deployment?

Open source is free to use. Still, you face continually emerging vulnerabilities in security. Not only are images susceptible to vulnerabilities, but applications and network traffic are under threat from DDoS attacks, bots, malicious payloads and browser supply chain attacks. To make matters worse, getting proper support and being able to have some level of control of the instance is challenging. Addressing security vulnerabilities and seeking out community or developer help costs you time and impacts production.

Let an experienced DevOps team take this off your hands.

How do we help?

By making it simple:

We provide a one-click solution for seamlessly deploying your application in the cloud.

By making it secure:

Securing the Access Layer:

  • Internally, we use Traefik to make your Hossted application accessible. We secure this layer by applying the best practices regarding Traefik security header annotations, ensuring that our applications receive consistently high rankings on security scanners such as Mozilla Observatory, SSL Labs, ImmuniWeb, Security Headers and more.
  • We provide built-in SSL.

Securing the images:

  • We provide documentation and recommendations on scanning images, with the goal of ensuring your images are compliant with industry standards for security.
  • Our documentation (link) provides clear guidelines on how to update your images routinely, an important factor when working towards soc2 / iso270001 compliance.

By Giving you Control and Visibility:

  • The Hossted CLI grants you the ability to run commands such as setting your custom domain, registering your organization and viewing your application logs.
  • The Hossted Dashboard enables you to monitor your instance, access Hossted support, and perform actions such as removing authentication.

By providing support and professional services:

We provide reliable, expert DevOps support, reducing downtime and impact on your productivity.

Our support team helps you integrate your application into your existing cloud configuration, including changes to the URL, SSL and integration into your Cloud Identity Management.

Connecting your application to your Identity Provider is an important step in adopting any open source application. We provide support for connecting your app to AzureAD or Google sign-in.

Installing a Hossted application also grants you access to our network of open source application experts that provide extended packages of support and professional services for open source applications. Explore our Premium Services to find out more about comprehensive application support as well as consultations with open source experts.

Deployment Instructions

Once the deployment is complete, you can access the machine via ssh, default username: azureuser. App login credentials will be available via welcome message, or in /etc/motd. The app itself is at /opt/[app].

This installation includes our support package. Our support team is available for any queries at Hossted.

Hossted apps come packaged for the enterprise:

  • Live Support
  • Built-in SSL
  • Custom URL
  • Azure Active Directory Integration

Once you reach out to us, you can expect our DevOps to schedule a video call with you within one business day.
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