HEAL - Preventive healing software for AIOps


HEAL - Preventive healing software for AIOps


HEAL is the monitoring solution with smart AI fixing tomorrow’s problems today.

HEAL software provides observability, explainable AI and preventive healing to transform enterprise IT operations.

HEAL is the industry’s leading autonomous IT operations software that prevents incidents and problems before they occur. HEAL aims to enable enterprises to become more efficient, providing them with a monitoring solution that autonomously detects and solves problems before they happen.

HEAL's Capabilities:

Predictive & Preventive

Uses patented ML algorithms for issue detection, diagnosis and prediction.

Collective Knowledge

Learns complex relationships in entire stack from user endpoint to application and infrastructure.

Situational Awareness

Understands operating context including seasonality, contending transactions, user journeys.

Remedial & Autonomous

Complete independence in finding root cause and triggering resolution actions.

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