pfSense Plus Public Cloud Firewall/VPN/Router


pfSense Plus Public Cloud Firewall/VPN/Router


pfSense® Plus software - leading price-performance, commercial-grade Edge Firewall, Router, VPN.


Performance: pfSense Plus software is the professional evolution of the open-source pfSense project. The community origins behind pfSense Plus software means that the product is always growing to provide the maximum security for your networks

Price: pfSense Plus software offers an incredible price-to-performance ratio. Our zero-to-ping support commitment is included with every instance, as is access to our extensive documentation.

License: With pfSense Plus software, you get full access to all the features and functionality when you purchase for the Azure cloud platform. There are no additional modules to purchase. If you are familiar with pfSense Plus software for on-prem use, it is the same image on Azure.


No hidden fees for features or functions. No arbitrary licensing fees. No artificial user limitations. Just unparalleled ROI and TCO.




GeoIP Blocking



Reverse Proxy and Load Balancing

Network Services

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Live 24x7 Support

Get expert technical support via email, portal, or phone with a four (4) or 24-hour initial response SLA from the Netgate Technical Assistance Center (TAC). Select a support plan from the "Plans + Pricing" tab on our Azure Marketplace listing for more details.

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