Ombori Grid SaaS


Ombori Grid SaaS


Create digital experiences in physical spaces

Get up and running fast

Ombori Grid makes it easy to pilot and fast to scale. Install, configure, deploy - and you’re done!

Currently available solutions include:

  • Visitor management: Appointment booking, Virtual queue, Occupancy control, People counter

  • Omnichannel: Curbside pickup, Omni queue, Endless aisle, Guided selling, Self checkout

  • Customer Experiences: Wayfinder, Customer remote, Staff remote, Selfie mirror, Smart recycling, Product designer, Digital signage

Proven results

  • Increase revenues: streamline the purchase process. Reduce queue abandonment by up to 60%, and increase impulse purchases by up to 25%.
  • Increase efficiency and productivity: automate routine tasks, freeing staff for other tasks. Minimize missed appointments, ensuring optimal use of staff time.
  • Increase loyalty and satisfaction: happy customers keep coming back.  Reduce perceived wait times by up to 40%, and increase NPS score by up to 40%.
  • Improve strategic planning: accurate data on customer behavior enables informed decision making.

  • Create your own solutions

    Need something different? No problem - use our free SDKs to create unique Grid apps spanning digital signage, IoT and mobile phones

    Leading companies around the world are already using Ombori Grid. 

    • H&M (USA)

    • Target (Australia) 

    • Ace Hardware (Dubai)

    • Dufry (Spain)

    • Andermatt Ski Resort (Switzerland)

    • Town of Cary (USA) 

    Technical documentation available at