Red Hat® OpenShift® Kubernetes Engine

Red Hat Inc

Red Hat® OpenShift® Kubernetes Engine

Red Hat Inc

Red Hat OpenShift Kubernetes Engine provides you with the basic functionality of Red Hat OpenShift.

An enterprise-class Kubernetes production platform for running Linux containers.

Red Hat® OpenShift® Kubernetes Engine provides you with the core functionality of Red Hat OpenShift. It offers a core set of features from Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, such as full access to an enterprise-ready Kubernetes environment and an extensive compatibility test matrix with many of the software elements that you might use in your datacenter.

Red Hat OpenShift Kubernetes Engine lets you explore the benefits of Red Hat OpenShift in an entry-level solution. The core components of Red Hat Enterprise Linux® CoreOS, Kubernetes, and basic cluster services—all deployed using a fully automated installer—make up the base of every Red Hat OpenShift installation. This process is the foundation of the Red Hat OpenShift experience, which can automate the upgrade and management functions of the platform. Red Hat OpenShift Kubernetes Engine is built from the most innovative upstream open source projects, and supported by Red Hat.

Enterprise Kubernetes

Red Hat OpenShift provides you with commercial support, upgrades and patches, and increased security for Kubernetes and Kubernetes-native applications, so you don’t have to do it all yourself.

Fully automated installer

Install Red Hat OpenShift Kubernetes Engine where you need it, with support for popular public cloud providers, like AWS, Azure, IBM Cloud, and Google Cloud—as well as specific hardware.

Over-the-air smart upgrades

See what updates are available to your clusters and let Red Hat OepnShift Kubernetes Engine automatically handle dependencies and the update process.

Administrator web console

Developers can use the web browser-based web console to visualize, browse, and manage the contents of projects.

Operator lifecycle manager

Install, update, and manage the life cycle of all Kubernetes Operators and their associated services running across their clusters. It’s part of the Operator Framework, an open source toolkit to manage Kubernetes-native applications (Operators).

OpenShift Virtualization

Run and manage virtual machine (VM) workloads alongside container workloads by running VMs within containers side-by-side with other containers and serverless—all in one platform—with Red Hat OpenShift Virtualization.

Availability and Pricing

This offer is available to customers in North America and other select geographies with hourly pay-as-you-go pricing or 1 and 3 year VM Software Reservation options.


This marketplace listing is not meant for direct consumption by deploying a single virtual machine. DO NOT create a Virtual Machine from this offering directly. Please follow the Getting Started steps below.

Getting Started:

1. Access Red Hat support

Access Red Hat support to activate your OpenShift product subscription. When you click the link below, you will be redirected to the Red Hat console to activate your support account. When your support account has been activated, you will receive a confirmation email from Red Hat. Then, you will have access to all the benefits of Red Hat support including:

  • Access to extensive open source software repositories in a variety of packaging formats
  • Red Hat’s community of expertise includes world-class support engineers available 24/7, asynchronous support ticketing, Knowledgebase articles, and “How To” guides
  • Operational guidance and automation with advanced analytics and monitoring tools, patching, upgrade, and remediation services

    Click here to Access Red Hat support

2. Follow these installation instructions to create a self-managed OpenShift cluster in Azure