Reekoh IoT Integration Platform-as-a-Service


Reekoh IoT Integration Platform-as-a-Service


Reekoh provides agile enterprise integration from IoT device to business process and application.

Every company will use IoT, but they won’t all need an IoT platform.

The modern enterprise treats IoT sensor and machine data as a first-class citizen alongside enterprise application, customer data and open data sets.

Reekoh is the fastest way to achieve agile enterprise integration, from IoT edge device through to business process and application.

Our agile Integration Platform helps enterprises to rapidly take control of their fragmented IoT solutions, unlock the full value of their data, and build capability for the future.

Using Reekoh’s Plugins for data and API Management, together with best-of-breed components and intuitive data workflow design tools, customers can significantly reduce enterprise integration complexity, time and cost for IoT projects, products and solutions.

Core platform modules

  • Device Management and security
  • Highly scalable message queuing and process
  • Open plugin framework for building reusable integration components
  • Visual data flow tools for designing component integration and data workflows
  • Rapid time-series data visualisation
  • Identity and role management
  • Platform API


The Reekoh Plugin Marketplace has 130+ integrations already available, for use with components from all areas of the IoT solution value chain.

Reekoh has been built from the ground up, using some of the latest technologies and development approaches available. Our open framework allows for rapid integration for everything from the device and protocol (for example HTTP, MQTT, CoAP, TCP, UDP, LWM2M, etc.), API management for connections into other platforms, tools and systems, device data transformation and filtering, device security and management, data stream subscription and more.

Containers and Deployment

One of the more unique areas of the product is the architecture and infrastructure using containers, managed through open source and widely adopted tools such as Kubernetes, to increase scalability, portability and security.

Our container architecture allows Reekoh to run across a number of deployment options (public/private cloud, on-prem, edge), independent of specific vendor systems.


Reekoh has also been recognised in the market as a leader in IoT integration, with awards and recognition including:

  • Australian IoT Award Winner 2018 - Best IoT Platform or Product
  • CRN Impact Awards 2018 Winner (Emerging Innovator)
  • Gartner Cool Vendor for IoT 2017
  • Gartner Market Guide for IoT Integration 2017
  • ACOMMS Award 2017 (Finalist – IoT Innovator)
  • Inc. Asia Magazine Top 40 Startups 2017