Flood Manager

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Flood Manager

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Access, run, and review complex flood models faster than ever.

Flood Manager – Efficiently and reliably run multiple flood models faster than ever before

Flood Manager is a secure, cloud-based platform that quickly loads and processes a variety of flood models with automated quality analysis, data post processing, and reporting to assist your engineer's validation and confidence. With efficient access, storage, and viewing of model results. Flood Manager increases your capacity to better understand your potential flood risk in a shorter period of time. Flood Manager enables a quick assessment to realize new risks before they arise—allowing you to get ahead and put measures into place to mitigate any impact.

Save valuable engineering time by streamlining your modeling process

Improve the speed and efficiency of your project planning, engineering, design, and management. Flood Manager’s cloud-based platform offloads computation from desktops to the cloud. Your desktop is free to perform pure engineering and science. Flood Manager enables multiple models and simulations to be executed in parallel. By streamlining and reducing the uncertainty of your modeling process, Flood Manager makes science and engineering decision-making easier. Compared to traditional approaches, Flood Manager enhances the QA/QC modelling process by automating quality reporting.

Gain complete control over your flood modeling

Modeling data at your fingertips. With models uploaded, executed, and stored centrally in the cloud, you have complete control over your information, when you want, where you want. Because Flood Manager does the work, you don’t have to worry about hardware management, job scheduling, idle time, or sharing resources that interrupts an engineer’s focus.

Gain a new appreciation for what it means to be prepared

With Flood Manager, you can quickly model groundwater, surface water, and in the near future, coastal flood scenarios to offer communities mitigation alternatives. With decisions enhanced by Flood Manager, communities can be better educated about flood risk and prepared for mitigation. Flood Manager securely connects data, people, institutions, systems, and applications throughout the water resources project lifecycle.

Consistency across your entire program

Flood Manager provides comprehensive and consistent quality reporting that gives you confidence in the validity of the results and outputs. You will also have the ability to upload the model and run the quality report separately, resulting in cost-savings above and beyond the savings you’ll see from being better prepared. Flood Manager enables standardization while accommodating flexibility and scalability for future readiness.

You’re not alone; we’ll get you up and running

When you select Flood Manager, our Professional Services team will work with you to understand your business needs and how Flood Manager will enhance your existing modeling processes. Hand-in-hand, we’ll work with you to increase the efficiency of your modelling and reduce the uncertainty of your project risk.