Secure access to critical infrastructure that puts your people first.

strongDM is a People-First Access platform that gives technical staff a direct route to the critical infrastructure they need to be their most productive.

Positive Access

  • A complete networked map of all your people and resources

  • A direct path that gives individualized access to the right people and keeps everyone else out

  • Centralize access control with authentication, authorization, networking, and observability in a single platform

  • Seamlessly integrates with every database, environment, protocol, and tool your team needs

Total Visibility

  • Visibility into everything that’s ever happened in your stack

  • Security and Compliance teams can easily answer who did what, where, and when

  • Replay an entire user history, down to the very last granular

Precise Controls

  • Add permissions for team members on-the-fly and integrate new tools, resources, and protocols as needed

  • Give on-demand access to just what employees need, then revoke it just as simply and easily

Secure by Design

  • Least-privilege access by default ensures just-right permissions every time

  • Keys and credentials are hidden from end-users

Connect your first server or database in 5 minutes. No kidding.