ThoughtWire Digital Twin for Health Care

ThoughtWire Corp

ThoughtWire Digital Twin for Health Care

ThoughtWire Corp

A fast, flexible Digital Twin for Smart Hospitals

Enable care providers and hospital management to achieve their goals in record-breaking time

Extract incredible value from the relationships between your clinical and operational data to create in-the-moment insights that significantly improve patient outcomes and ROI

Nerve Center is the interface into the Digital Twin where care providers and management launch every system and application inside a hospital’s IoT network to gain insight and take action on workflows and people. Predictive recommendations from ThoughtWire’s Digital Twin enable care providers and management to get in front of bottlenecks before they happen, making your hospital as smart as it can possibly be.

Our Digital Twin is powered by a super-fast in-memory graph database and uses built-in AI to support accurate real-time decision-making. The results are market-proven outcomes based on a people-centric approach to operations performance. Unlock the true value of data from IT, operational technology (OT), and IoT with ThoughtWire's Digital Twin and Suite of Applications.

Includes bonus feature packs:

Patient Mobile

Access clinical staff records and key patient vitals at the bedside

Save time during shift changes

Digital free-form note entry

Notification Center

Centralized communication for all nurse calls and code events

Acknowledge alerts and take immediate action

Optimize for the right person at the right time

If you need more help clearing your patient flow, we’ve got you covered with our add-ons. Our Patient Transport and Housekeeping apps streamline resources orchestration and our nurse- call and RTLS integration add an extra level of automation to relieve burnout:

Patient Transport App

Housekeeping App

Nurse-Call Integration

RTLS Integration

Building System Integration


Reduce patient wait times by preventing bottlenecks before they happen

Improve quality and safety, including infection control

Save on money, time and energy costs with smarter facility operations