tiLly {today i Learned} Microsoft Teams BOT


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tiLly {today i Learned} Microsoft Teams BOT


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Engage, Empower and Support learners with the tiLly {today i Learned} BOT!

The tiLly {today i Learned} BOT connects employees to knowledge and expert support, right from their menu in Microsoft Teams.

By engaging the BOT, employees can access both organisation-specific and managed-service Q&A and content.

Engagement between an employee and subject matter experts, via the BOT, adds further support by organically building the Q&A, ensuring tacit knowledge remains within the business.

The tiLly BOT can be utilised in 2-ways, or a combination of both.

  • For organisations to build specific knowledge bases and link to their content resources
  • For Partners to include the BOT in their managed service delivery to support clients as part of upskill programmes
  • Key Points

    The BOT combines Microsoft provisioned Azure AI and BOT services with value-added features:

    1. Multiple Service Provision from a Single BOT

    The ability to connect to more than one Q&A service, facilitating a client's own specific service and provision of managed service Q&A's.

    2. Suggestive Content

    The ability for the BOT to search content as well as Q&A to widen the knowledge provided.

    3. Expert Connection and Support

    The ability to escalate a question and connect to an Expert network - allowing the Experts to respond from within their own Teams Channel.

    4. Organically Build Q&A from 1-2-1 Engagements for the Benefit of 1-2-Many

    Organically adding the question-and-answer pairing (including any attached documents, images etc.) to the Q&A knowledge base, as a result of a question being escalated to an Expert.

    5. Extract Tacit Knowledge and Reduce Risk

    By organically building Q&A from 1-2-1 engagements, this extracts knowledge from people into a central base, ensuring tacit knowledge stays with the organisation when people leave.

    6. Gamification

    The employee can rate the answer to their question - supporting gamification of the Expert network.

    7. Analysis

    Full audit log of all engagement with the BOT:

    • Number of questions asked
    • Most prominent employees asking questions
    • Number of questions escalated to Experts
    • Number of unanswered escalated questions
    • Most prominent Experts in respect to number of questions answered
    • Highest rated Experts
    • Most common subject matter
    • Note: The analytics are facilitated by Power BI and as such requires the relevant license. Upon licensing of a paid tiLly subscription, the client will receive an email with a link to access the report.

      8. Fixed Pricing

      A banded pricing model (including a managed service for M365 Q&A and Learning Videos) removing the complexity of Azure consumption-based services, allowing organisations to budget.

      For further pricing information please visit our website - Pricing - Tilly Group

      The tiLly partner model supports the extension of managed-service training, knowledge and upskill programmes, in whatever form and context, and addresses a number of common challenges:

      • Once the training programmes are complete, how do you connect the people who have been upskilled (the experts) to employees so they are able to provide support?
      • How do all employees (and not just the trained ones) access the content provided through your training programmes?
      • How do you keep the organisation, Experts and employees up to date on evolving subject matter?
      • How can you generate a reoccurring revenue stream from the knowledge your training programmes provide?
      • How do you raise your profile to a wider audience that has not commissioned your services but who utilise Microsoft Teams for their day-to-day work collaboration portal?
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